I was thinking a lot about writing a book. A book a book some fictional character inspired by some events that happened in my life. Few years ago I started but later I stopped. I realized that it is a bit hard. It needs a lot of dedication and patience. A lot of them if fact. Also you need to have a space to work where nobody bothers you.
I don’t claim to have the first two or the third one.

I even though I lost interest, I never stopped thinking about it. In fact, I started to think I went through a lot in life that it would make sense to write about it. Especially I went through a lot of struggle. I don’t need to make it direct to me or even try to sell it. I just need to record what I have been going through, the pain and the struggle that I saw while I was abroad.

It is not boring I am sure. I will try and I will see.