Smaller UPS for Networking Equipments

Small UPS for networking equipments

I recently purchased a UPS for my NAS and local server. If you are like me, then you have equipment that run 24/7.

Since power outages happen mostly when I am away from home, it is critical that I keep my network equipments alive while there is a power outage.

For this specific purpose, I picked up 2 used APC ES400 and APC ES700 UPSs from ebay. I saved a significant amount of money by picking up used and once without battery. I also avoided having to deal with bad batteries and figuring our how to dispose of them.

I picked a bigger battery locally with 7.2AH.



I picked up a bigger battery that the one suggested by the manufacturer. It was a good decision that I picked up a bigger battery. The one that was installed was rated for 3.3AH. However, I noticed that the battery won’t fit. Although the battery compartment is big enough to accommodate 9AH battery.

After looking through the battery compartment, I found out that there are plastic prices that push the battery upward. Not sure if there is a reason other than preventing people from buying a cheaper UPS model and replace the battery later with a bigger on.

I started to cut out the plastic prices one by one. After fully removing the plastic prices, I was able to fit the battery perfectly. The process was easy if you have the right tools. I used a cable cutter, pilers, and a small cable cutter.

UPS ES700:

I got this UPS to used it for my surveillance system. It wouldn’t make sense to use a surveillance system without connecting it to a power backup system. Cause the house would be vulnerable whenever there is a power failure.

The other UPS ES700 was with a battery. But it suffered from another issue which is beeping every 5 hours while blinking a read light. I looked online and found out that it does this whenever the UPS fails its self test. I found out that to fix this issue, you need to do the following:

1- turn off the UPS.

2- Turn it on while holding the power button for 10 seconds. It will start the test and you will see a blinking green light. If the light shuts off at the end, it means the battery is fine. It the light turned red, it mean the battery needs to be replaced.

All in all, you would be save a significant amount of money if you decided to go the used UPS route. I also suggest replacing the batteries if you got a used one with a battery. The chances are the battery already reaching the end of its life.