Mechanical keyboard


Mechanical keyboard

Finally decided to get myself a mechanical keyboard. I just saw one selling for 60$ on from G.Skill, decided to try it. I got this model: G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 MX.

I rarely focus on keyboards. I just buy a reliable one. In my case, I had an Apple keyboard since 2008. The thin model. It kept running strong until I decided t change it now.

When I first learned about mechanical keyboards, they did not interest me. Then few months ago, I started to watch more YouTube videos about them. Until I decided to finally get one.

I am not a bit fan of multi coloured RGB computer accessories, so I picked the one with single LED light. Only with RED key lights. I picked RIP JAWS KM570. A very basic mechanical keyboard that does what is required to do.

How does it feel?

The keyboard looks retro. The feel of the keys and the size of the keyboard itself. It is huge and thick. The keys are also pop. I found my fingers surf through the keys with ease. It is also very satisfying to type on.

As a person who came from an Apple keyboard that is thin with keys that require the minimum travel, I found the mechanical keyboard a pleasant change.

apple Keyboard
My old trusty Apple Keyboard.

Another big difference that I noticed right away is the clicking sound. Now typing on a keyboard produces a classic keyboard sound that is so amazing. Unlike my old Apple keyboard which is almost silent. I found the clicking sound of the mechanical keyboard pleasant to hear, although loud but you will get used to it and forget it when you start typing away.

Num key? yes it has one.

Personally I like my keyboards to have a num pad, I can not work on Microsoft Excel without one. I also use it with calculator App.

There is also a LED effect that this keyboard has. It has light effects. there are several modes that you can choose from. One that acts like a wave that starts from left keys to the right keys. Other modes like lighting the keys that you just pressed and then the lights fad. There are other modes too. For me, I am not interested in lighting effects. I like my keyboard to have a backlight, that is activated when I press a key for all keys. I don’t like lighting effects. I feel it is a bit gimmicky.


Yes, there keyboard is a bit lifted. I feel that it is higher than what I used before. For now, I am not feeling comfortable when I am typing for longer periods of time. I might get used to it, I might not. If I did not get used to it, I might get a hand pad that is placed before the keyboard so my hand can rest on it.

Other than that, I miss the Two USB ports that my old Apple keyboard had. This new mechanical keyboard has no USB ports. Maybe cause it is an inexpensive model? I am not sure.

Overall, Get a mechanical keyboard. Especially if you are a writer, or who loves to write on your computer, get one. You will not regret it.