Haruki Murakami


I am an avid reader of Murakami.

The first book that I read from Murakami was After Dark. IT wasn’t a great read, but it has all of the elements that made me believe that he is one of the best writers ever. From that book, I started a quest to finish all of Murakami’s books. I managed to read most of them. Few books left. What makes me keep on reading them is a collection of factors that makes this writer unique.

The atmosphere is relaxing, yet is gripping. There are always events happening.

The characters, each have their own personality and uniqueness. Murakami does not introduce many characters in every book that he writes. However, each character is memorable enough and has a deep level of personality.

Another likable fact about his books is the dialog between his characters. It feels real. The dialog is so well done.

Murakami, is one of those writers that once you start reading one of his books, you can’t put it down until you finish it.

In the last few days, I finished reading South of the borders, West of the sun. Wasn’t his best book. But don’t get me wrong, the book was great read and I had fun reading it.

It is one of these books that has a story that does not end with the last page that you turn. The story makes you keep thinking about it for a while. The worst of all, it makes you feel depressed once you finish it, just like many of his books. Probably it due to the end of excitement that ends when finish reading his books


The book talks about Hajime, an only child and how he lived his life. His relationships in his younger years and how they formed his life later on.

This seems like just a regular story that we all heard before. It does not introduce new ideas that weren’t introduced before, but it kept me thinking for days after finishing it about what he was trying to say in it.

Most of the twists happen when Hajime got married and his life become too stable to be normal. Then he started to think about one of his childhood’s girlfriends. One who he really likes.

She started appearing out of nowhere and it missed up his life. He started seeing her and at one point, he decided to throw away his stable life and start a new one with this girl. But in the end, it did not happen and he continued to live with his wife.

After think about the theme of the story, I started to see what the author tried to communicate to the reader. Hajime’s life was too boring and too normal for him to bear. It was going in one direction every day. He was looking for ways to change that. Meeting his childhood friend was the last glimpse of hope to change how his life is going

To me, the moral of the story is that, once a person stops looking for new challenges, life become too unbearable to live.17799



I was thinking a lot about writing a book. A book a book some fictional character inspired by some events that happened in my life. Few years ago I started but later I stopped. I realized that it is a bit hard. It needs a lot of dedication and patience. A lot of them if fact. Also you need to have a space to work where nobody bothers you.
I don’t claim to have the first two or the third one.

I even though I lost interest, I never stopped thinking about it. In fact, I started to think I went through a lot in life that it would make sense to write about it. Especially I went through a lot of struggle. I don’t need to make it direct to me or even try to sell it. I just need to record what I have been going through, the pain and the struggle that I saw while I was abroad.

It is not boring I am sure. I will try and I will see.