GBA Carts That Vibrate

I wanted to write about this topic for some time now. Actually, I had an old blog that I am going to shutdown soon. I decided to carry over some of the posts that I think are going to be interesting.

One of these posts is a one that I take apart GBA games to see what’s inside them. I had the hobby of taking things apart, whatever that is. Remote Control cars, game consoles, and game carts. Later on, Game Boy Advance, and previously Game Boy Colour had carts with vibration functions. I really did like these. At the time, they were cool and fascinating. More of a technological marvel. Having a game that reacts to your actions in the game is amazing, especially for a handheld game.

Below is a great GBA game that I still own. Drill Dozer. It is a platform game in which the hero rides a drill vehicle. The play progress through the levels by driving enemies and objects. There are also various upgrades to the drill pit that the vehicle has. This allows the player to progress to even more levels.

The interesting thing is that, as you drill; the cart vibrates. As you upgrade the drill pit, the vibration increases. Sounds interesting, and personally, I thing the vibration adds more depth to the game.

Personally, If you have not played this game, go now and get it. At least download and emulator and its rom and play it. Just don’t keep the rom after 24h after downloading it as it is illegal if you don’t own the game cart. This game along with two other GBA games have this feature. The other games are Wario Twisted and Yoshi Topsy-Turvy.

Another interesting cart is the DS Rumble Pak. It was released for the Original DS. It also came bundled with Metroid Pinball. But it wasn’t that great. It added little depth. Personally, I went with a third party Rumble Pak. It was much better.

I remember playing Hotel Dusk with third party Rumble Pak. It was an excellent game and the Rumble added much to the experience.

later when the DS lite got released, they released a smaller version that would flush with it small design. It sucked as its bigger brother, the original DS version.

Aside from Hotel Dusk and Metroid Pinball, there were few games that supported the Rumble Pak on the DS, 51 to be exact according to Wikipedia. Among them is Hotel Dusk sequel, Metorid Prime hunters, Space Invaders Extreme, Tomb Raider: Underworld, among others.

Overall, I loved the concept of having a vibrating cart in a handheld video game. Sadly, Nintendo did not implement this in their 3DS handheld game console for some strange reason that I don’t know what it is. Probably battery issues, or maybe build issues with the DS. Not sure.


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