CyberPower UPS

Finally, I decided to invest in a UPS! I decided to put my money down on a UPS to protect my NAS and web server from power outage. Which could happen anytime. I decided to invest in Cyberpowerv model number: CP900EPFCLCD. 

Why now?

I decided to get a UPS after a recent power outage that made my one drive fail on my QNAP NAS. I could not access the drive until it rebuilds the RAID. In my case it was RAID 5. As you might already know, RAID 5 has distributed parity data across the drives you have. In my case, I have 5 3 Terabytes drives, thus parity data is distributed across the 5 of them. When one drive failed, the data is reconstructed from the other drives.

The rebuild could take days depends on the size of the drives. In my case, it took 16 hours, and then it went into optimisation mode which took 2~3 days.

It went into optimisation because some of block data went corrupt.

Why CyberPower?

In any case, I decided to invest in a UPS. I picked CyberPower because the price was right compared to APC. However, the price is one factor, the other is the fact that it has a True Sine Wave inverter inside. It means that once the power is out, the power that comes from the battery is inverted into a power similar to the one that you get from a wall outlet.

Other cheaper UPSs use simulated sine wave  (also called, modified sine wave) which looks squarish in shape. This might cause issues with some of the equipments. In my experience, modified sine wave inverter causes much heat when it runs. It also waste much energy when it runs. So I decided to just get a true sine wave UPS and have a peace of mind.

UPS uses:

It you are planning to run a web server from home, then get a UPS. You need one to prevent your website from going down. It is also true if you are planning to host your own personal cloud storage. I do not plan to plug the monitor to the UPS. It would waste battery power. I will only plug my server and NAS. TV, printers, and my gaming consoles will not be plugged.

Since the server is accessible from remotely, I can just shut it down remotely when I learn that there is a power outage at home.

The other important thing to be aware of is getting another UPS for your home internet connection. You don’t want your computer to stay on without being able to reach it. Especially if you plan to run a server from home.


The UPS comes with a USB cable, telephone cable, power cable, and a UPS cable. Plus the Unit itself. I expected the unit to be huge, but to my surprise, it turned out to be small.

Extra cables: 

I decided to invest in extra cables. Since computers and other devices uses regular cables, do yourself a favour and invest in some extra cables. I decided to get extra UPS cables, plus I got many other kinds of cables for devices that I plan to plug into the UPS.

I got the following:

1- C 14 to C7


2- C 14 to C 5


3- C 14 to C 13


Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. The quality is good. It does its job. It has a small LCD that displays current load, how long will it last, and other figures.


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