Qatar, the Fat Nation.

The trigger I was reading an article on the mail online saying that Qatar is the world’s fattest nation on the world where half of the adult population are obese. After reading this, as usual, I started to think about it, doubt a little and then discuss it with few friends. What do I mean […]

Having a Viarity of people is Wonderful

Why Having Different People Around is Fun.
Just happened to me last week when I was running some personal errands. While I was running these errands, I meet few people that I really liked and appreciated the fact that I am fortunate enough to meet them. They happen to be from different parts of the world.

I am lucky because I live in a multicultural society. You will find unique people from across the world. Which made me say wow. In addition to their look, personality differs too, which is really interesting.


Having the chance to meet people from different parts of the world exposes you to different way of thinking. People who came from different parts of the world bring with them their own culture and thoughts. Interacting with them might expose you to a whole new prospect about of life itself. It might even show you new ways of doing things that you do everyday.

They might try to change how you see the world.

It gives you new prospective on life. Make you appreciate life for its bad and the worst.

The case of people in the Gulf region 
Some people here in the Gulf region dislike the idea of having a multicultural community. People tend to be conserving when adopting change. People from the west for example, think that anything that looks different from how they do it is backward. This pushes local people away from them.

Also people from the Gulf region tend to be superstitious, while people from the western world are less superstitious which causes misunderstanding.

Education and Qatar

Today while looking at the daily newspaper that I read everyday, I found one article that caught my attention. I will attach it here and then translate the jest of it. It says that most of the youth of Qatar prefer not to continue their higher education and prefer to join the work force. I […]

The Funny and Yet Sad Fact About the World

The chances of having something amazing happening to you are rare. In fact rarer than what we all can imagine. Not taking advantage of the chances you get in life could render you life useless to a degree. Missing on the great chances means you’re gonna settle for a lesser valued one and it might not be as close to the missed one. However, you’re just taking it just so that you’re not so late and missing on life.

I want to say whenever you see an opportunity out there, by all means grab it and never let go of it. It could change you’re life for the better. Also be optimistic about it. Take it in a good faith. You never know, something huge might come out of it and change your life for the better.

Even if it didn’t work out, still be proud of yourself as you tried and never settled or caved for hesitation and did what you can do at the moment.

exploring the Other States of Awareness.

Other states of awareness. Sounds exotic. This is not an article that scares you of smoking weed and other kinds of stimulants.

Stimulant  or others kinds of substances open the door for an exciting new world. A world in which all things that bothers you do not exist.

I read an article and then a wikipedia page about getting yourself into other states of awareness. Getting yourself into other states of awareness could happen when the brain pumps certain enzymes that effects the states of the body and mind. In a way that the person gains sharpness in some abilities, others get clouded.
Getting back to the article that I was talking about, it says that the hippies were consuming LSD and other drugs to explore the other states of the mind. The person who consume these drugs get into a states where things that he or she sees or feels get distorted. Things that this person usually afraid of trying, will become a habit when he or she gets in this state.

In an article about the same topic, it says that the maker of SpongePop came up with the idea of the show when he was in collage. He was consuming weed to come up with some of the episodes. Which make sense. Who would come up with a sponge as a hero. In addition to this, there is an episode where there is a sea behind them, while they are living inside a sea.

I was looking over the internet for a better description of what people feel when they smoke weed and couldn’t find a person who put it better than the one below:

“It is more than 15 minutes now. The time seems to have slow down. If you have successfully recognized the effect, you will notice how there is a slow transformation of your active brain consciousness. As if it has caused you to enter a surreal world of alternate reality, where you have deeper thoughts about the minutest of things, where you connects the seemingly improbable dots intuitively, where you get a deeper understanding of yourself and you start acknowledging the small things in your life. You might wonder, why have you not felt so empathetic towards your surrounding earlier, how could you possibly miss it, it was all here. You are right, you missed it because you were busy and didn’t have time to look into these seemingly petty small things. Now that you decided to smoke weed with your friends, you might very well look into your surrounding with the new found perspective you just had.”

In my experience, I never tired it. But I know people who tried it.

One person says this:

“I know one person who is allergic to fish, when she got drunk she ate fish and she didn’t know. The next day she was suffering as a result of this.”

Another person, says this: “I am shy person and have a bit of difficulty talking to girls. One time, I was invited to try pot in a party with few friends. I tried it, and the next thing I know that I was making out with a girl.”

In other words, stimulants gives you courage and other abilities that you might lack in real life.