The Truth Has Many Faces.

I just was watching a documentary on you tube made by Al-Jazzera. The show is about the demonstration that happened in Bahrain last year. I was shocked at how they revealed a different angle of looking at what happened. During the course of the show, they where trying to side with the demonstrators. They didn’t […]

Jenna Tacklova

To better understand what I am talking about, see the video first.

I never really cared about beauty pagans in the past or even now. Until I saw an article about a lady who is named Jenna Tackalva who she happened to be a boy when she was a kid. Then she did a gender corrective operation when she become 18.
The moral of the story is that she was disqualified from the competition just because of she wasn’t ┬áborn woman.

I think this is a crap reason to disqualify a contestant. She has the right to compete because she met the prerequisite of the competition. They didn’t check at first and then when she almost won they just disqualified her.

She looks like a woman and acts as a woman and more importantly think like a woman so I don’t see any reason as to why would anyone disqualify her from the competition.

Enough talk about this now, cause the competition is now finished and she lost. Unfortunately.

What I noticed during the interview is that she looks like a woman but the way she speaks is not feminine. I mean she speaks like a gay man more than a woman. Her voice also is a little bit rough and she does not have feminine fluidity of speaking. However, that doesn’t make her less of a female.

The Oracle

I always get an amazed feeling of the holiness and the majestic feel when I hear the word Oracle.

To my amazement I looked into the origin of this concept and I found out the Spartans of the old Greece were fully dependant on its oracle. The Spartans would always consult with her regarding their issues. They consult her with issues such wars.

I got back to myself and I though why would anyone hang him or her fate on a saying that could be true but also could be false. I mean how could a person know what is going to happen in the future?
No one does.
This made me realize that maybe humans in nature and a more reliant on a source that would do the thinking for them. Maybe is it’s a weakness or we are created like this. To feel lost and seek an opinion from an external source. Even though this source might not be a reliable source but we listen to it.

Personal Libration

The Key to personal Liberation The key is to accept yourself as it is. Put yourself at ease and agree with it that you’re locked somewhere and you need to be free. You feel the need to be free because you are partially disabled. What you need is to be liberated. It happens from within […]